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Wednesday, January 30, 2008
Okay okay. It was me.

As I was sitting there, half-listening to the professor, sketching a lopsided brain diagram while I toggled in my mind an estimated time to which my seatmates would arrive, the professor commented to an answer he read in the quiz we had last week.

Notes to self:
  1. Pars triangularis and pars opercularis do not cover the insular lobe. It's not even a gyrus for pete's sake.
  2. The easiest way to get inside a professor's memory bank is to give him a heart attack (therefore nearly killing him) with the extraordinary powers of your stupid answers.
  3. A change of first name, surname, and possibly even your whole identity is in order in case you meet him again in a conference somewhere or when you're applying for a job in the vicinity near quiapo.
Very very bad impression. Might as well memorize the whole thing to redeem self *tear

Posted at 10:57 pm by rice

Friday, November 09, 2007
moar angsty self-censorship

    It's funny how sometimes no matter how positively spiffy your life appears to be, you begin to take notice of those little cracks on the wall, the minute specks of peeling paint, the slight rusting at the edge of your roof.

    You've just bought that adorable furniture you've always wanted and everything seems to be running as it should be: house by the seaside, seabreeze strategically blowing through your porch, your new couch facing the tv at your optimal viewing distance, well-stocked fridge, a PC completely attuned to your working habits, satisfactory intellectual life, your books stacked on the desk just so. Even your parents have come to accept the occasional odd pink flamingos and white elephants standing in front of your yard. And they have yet to express their objections regarding the uselessness of that bulky brain model sitting in the darkness of your garage.

    But. But. Spiffy or not, you take the little cracks, the specks, and the slight rust as signs of an oncoming wrong. You think, sadness doesn't come in bursts and in explosions. It builds slowly like a wave. It always starts at the center, a small ebb in the flow. It's only when the wave crashes at the walls of your house that you grasp its name. 

Posted at 09:35 pm by rice

Thursday, November 01, 2007
Papa Dearest Goes Halloween

There are two freaking candles standing in front of our doorway, casting an eerie yellow glow on our front yard.

Gawd. I hate Halloween.

Because right where I am now, Halloween doesn't necessarily equate with candies and kiddie costumes. Our country's Halloween customs are quite fundamentalist: ghosts, scary stuff, cemetery, scary stuff, man-eating monsters, and more scary stuff. The TV's starting to fill up with ghost-interest stories (haha) and some random ouija board horror mayhem. I am not a fan of horror movies, or anything remotely scarier than a sleepy cat. So me and Daddy dearest have so far spent the 1st of November doing nothing but bum around and generally treat the day as some normal unscary day.

But no, Dad had to do something to remind me of my distaste for the holiday. A few minutes earlier he came traipsing down our doorway carrying a pair of candles he's going to light for the halloween.

Me: Para saan yan? (What's that for?)
Dad: May tradisyon na sa tuwing Araw ng Patay maglalagay ng kandila sa harap ng bahay para di dumalaw yung mga kaluluwa. (There's a tradition during the Day of the Dead where you put candles in front of your door to keep away spirits)
Me: Hindi naman natin ginagawa yan eh (But we don't do that)

Daddy's being random again.

Posted at 06:55 pm by rice

Friday, October 26, 2007
back from the land of papers

A number of weeks ago, I said to myself:

*brain noise**brain noise* "Before I start keeping this sort of autobiographical drivel in the net again *brain noise**brain noise* I swear *brain noise* I'll change the layout I'm so tired of and *brain noise* stop these ridiculous *brain noise* noises *brain noise* *brain noise* *brain noise* in my head *brain noise*"

And well, after imposing such strict terms for my long hiatus, look what I came back with? A nonchange in my layout. Such is my affliction of laziness.

*more brain noise*

In other matters, everybody's getting extremely tensed up these days, what with both NMAT and LAE just hovering around the corner (good luck to examinees!). I'm also getting a bit tense too. Graduation and a future life as a whatsit are a mere months away and I'm quickly getting filled with a sense of dread.

Should I go make a life-map now to stop myself from worrying about such things?

Posted at 02:45 am by rice

Friday, August 10, 2007

    I'm well aware that most of the time, I'm just spouting cyber-trash into the whole internet space. And that more often than not, I'm just talking to myself here (which I think, kinda suits me, since I'm writing here purely on self-gratification without much inkling for audience entertainment).

    At present, in the here and now, I'm struggling to get everything into order. Academics. Life. Dreams. I'll stop writing here for now.

    I don't want to keep blabbing the same kind of things day in and day out. I'll be coming back to write again when I manage to renovate the whole blog thing and have more of substantial things to talk about. Till then, ciao.   

Posted at 07:57 pm by rice

Wednesday, July 25, 2007!

According to the ideal world that is in my mind, right about now I should have been busy recounting/reviewing the attacks of the Tatars/Mongols on the principalities of Russia, tracing the location of the Dnieper and the Volga rivers, reading more on Kiev and Novgorod and Moscow, or just generally studying for my Russian history (eeek!) exam on friday.

But. No.

After pulling an all-nighter to finish a new book (not even remotely related to academics), instead of cramming for the coming exams, I am reading comics and drowning myself in moar Nodame Cantabile goodness (and more random useless things).

I am hoping I get back to my senses by the time I finish reading the last downloaded chapter.

Posted at 11:32 pm by rice

Saturday, July 21, 2007
Somewhat bullied. Again

I don't know why I keep on getting swamped by work in the end, work that shouldn't be mine in the first place. No matter how I bargain for a sensible amount of workload (and winning that said bargain), there is that inevitable workings of fate that lead others to dump their work on me.

I keep on saying to myself that it's all just a matter of perspective -I'm not really swamped by everything and I'm just being whiny. But. But. This just happens too frequently. I'm starting to wonder if this is the world again bullying me or am I just too anal-retentive that I'm never satisfied with others' work. Thus, leading me to do their work all over again.

So my philosophical question for the week is somewhat of a religious matter...

God first or Acads?

I'm not exactly devoted to my religion. But seeing someone around me who IS, balancing personal responsibilities with duties of worship and all that religious stuff, I'm starting to be plagued by the question a lot. I mean, if you're missing out on some of your responsibilities to others (serious responsibilities) so that you could strengthen your connection with your God... I don't know how to explain it. It just kept bugging me.

Or maybe, all of this is just my selfishness poking around my head. Hurray for my evilness....

Posted at 03:14 pm by rice

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Come on people.

Doing a little work wouldn't hurt, right? I mean, I'm fully aware that you're all busy and I appear to have no social life at all, laid back, and easy peasy with life right now, so you think it's okay to let me take everything. But NO. It's not okay. The operative word up there is I APPEAR to be laid back/not busy, but really I am, well, busy. I just happen to be very good in hiding it.

So please, let's do the work equally 'kay? Unless you want me to go ballistic randomly on one hot afternoon and go smashing myself to other people's bits.


Posted at 12:16 am by rice

Saturday, July 14, 2007
Okay okay I admit, I am weird

So, I laughed out loud against the uncomfortable silence following Sirius Black's death in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. In that squick of a nanosecond I forgot I was watching in a proper theater and not at home, so any restraint to hold off whatever weirdnesses brimming in my head was nonexistent.

It's not that I hate Sirius Black. In fact, he's one of my most beloved characters in Harry Potter. He's death in the book had left me teary-eyed for a couple of days and had me hating Harry for all his emo contributions towards the death of his godfather. But why the laugh?

Maybe it had something to do with how Sirius death was portrayed on screen. As the scenes crawled towards that inevitable twist presented in the book, I had been building up emotional expectation for Sirius' death, too much expectation, that when his end did turn up on the screen and it wasn't as emotional scarring as I prepared myself to be, that laugh came up instead.

I mean, Sirius puffing up like smoke through that doorway isn't what I had in mind when I was reading the book. It was pretty anti-climax for me. Sure, Bellatrix firing that Avada Kedavra curse was really sudden and all that (like in the book), but I was banking on the falling-through-the-curtain-thing to give me that painful stab.

In other news, I love the movie-Luna Lovegood  as much as I love her in the book. She's so weird and so up in the clouds and so wise and calm and....(I could rant on and on) and I love her! I'm still praying that JK Rowling decides in the last minute to pair her up with Harry instead, since it's the only hetero pairing I support for Harry (no, sorry Ginny, I don't like your book counterpart). But with the last book coming just days from now, I doubt if she'll change it hehe.

And I have new obsessions in HP, particularly, a young-Snape that was pretty cute and a new yaoi pairing in Harry Potter aside from DracoxHarry and SiriusxRemus.

SiriusxHarry has sooo much love <3 <3

Posted at 11:24 pm by rice

Tuesday, July 10, 2007
there are times you know that you're f*cked

...but you still manage to get away with things, just in the nick of time.

But me still five long pages away from finishing my paper due just hours later...

is a whole different matter. This is it.

I'm gonna die

Posted at 02:02 am by rice

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